by Sema Nur Eroğlu and Berfin Dilsiz




We have all been fans of superheroes as we were kids! We read comics, watched films, and just admired the powers of mighty heroes! Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero? What would your powers be, and how would you use them? What would be your weapons/accessories? Now, it is time to be a superhero and dive into a world that is full of excitement! This WebQuest will make you explore your creativity and express it with technology.



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For this task, you will work in pairs. You will create a podcast and talk about the superhero that you will create based on yourself and your imagination. While you introduce your superhero, you will mention their name, age, where  they come from, their origin story, what  their superpowers are, and their motives. Do they have a companion? A pet, or a best friend? What is their primary goal?

Don’t forget to mention your superhero’s costume and accessories. Describe their costumes in a detailed way and tell us about the purpose of each of their accessories. Then, you will work with your pair in a padlet to compare your superheroes.



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1. Step:

The first step you should take is to visit some websites to get inspiration for your own superhero. See the other superheroes that already exist. Read their stories and characteristics. Check out their costumes.

You can search for more information on the following websites:




2. Step:

Imagine what kind of a superhero you would want to be, list all of the characteristics you would want to have (your costume, superpowers, story…), and name your superhero

3. Step:

After creating and deciding on your superhero and his/her characteristics, please go to https://anchor.fm/ to create your podcast about your superheroes by following the instructions in this handout (your podcast should be about 2-5 minute-long.)

4. Step:

when you and your pair are done creating your podcasts, you are supposed to send your podcasts to each other to introduce your heroes to each other.

5. Step:

After listening to your pair’s podcast, please go to https://tr.padlet.com/  and create a padlet named “Comparing and Contrasting”. You can see the instructions in this handout.

6. Step:

On this padlet, you will work together. Your padlet should include three columns. One column is for similarities, one is for differences, and the last one is for your podcasts.

7. Step:

you will write the similarities between your superheroes in one column, and the differences in the other column. (Make sure your name appears on what you write)

8. Step:

After finishing your padlet, add your podcasts to the column for the podcasts

9. Step:

Now, you are going to share your padlet’s link with your teacher.





This is how your work will be evaluated.

Your podcast will constitute 70% of your total mark, while your contribution to the padlet will constitute 30% of it.







Congratulations! You have finished the “ I am a Hero!” task. Hopefully, you have explored your imagination as well as your friend’s imagination, and you have realized how you can share your feelings, thoughts, and experiences through podcasting, which can also be a great way to practice and improve your English speaking skills and feel more confident while speaking, and how you can collaborate with your friend effectively and easily through technology. 


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