I Can Count to 100 by tens.


In this Webquest, you will be practicing counting to 100 by tens. Your job is to incorporate your whole body to help you achieve this goal!  Use your fingers, your toes, or your freckles to skip count by 10s!


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to count to 100 by tens.  By using multimedia resources, you will be able to "see" how to do this and practice with fun computer games!


You will first watch the Jack Hartman video about counting to 100 by tens with your math partner.  

You both will count along with your hands by showing 10 on your fingers every time Jack counts.

After, you will watch the book read aloud of , "Toasty Toes Counting by Tens" with a partner.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-WyYXiQen8You will both count along with your toes by showing 10 on your toes every time the book counts 10.

Discuss with your partner what you notice about counting by tens.

Get a Chromebook and practice counting by 10s on the game "Splat Square." https://primarygames.co.uk/pg2/splat/splatsq100.html

Throw a splat at 10 and then continue to skip count by 10s until you reach 100.

Show a friend.

Discuss what you notice about your 100 Chart.  Do you notice any patterns?  Show your partner.

Play 10 minutes of ABCya skip counting games: https://www.abcya.com/games/number_bubble_skip_counting

Finish by recording a video on Screencastify starting on 10 and counting by tens to 100.  Tell me what you notice about skip counting by 10s. https://www.screencastify.com


The students will self evaluate their learning by using the following rubric: 





You will get your math journal to write a reflection about your learning today with the learning target of "I can count to 100 by tens."  Be sure to explain the following questions:

1.) How does a 100 Chart help you count to 100 by tens?

2.) Do you notice any patterns on the 100 Chart when you count by 10s?

3.) What can help you count by tens?