Identifying Plot Elements


Hello, Wonderful Students! Today, you will be testing your knowledge of plot elements. We have been working on this concept for a few weeks and now you have the opportunity to navigate the web, complete a fun activity, and show off what you know! As always, start with the first tab, "Introduction" and work your way through each tab. 


Assignment- Your assignment is to create a comic strip using the link below. Using at least 6 comic strip tiles/squares and with the help of dialogue, descriptions, and pictures, communicate the main parts of either our class novel, Tangerine, or our class novel, New Kid. Remember the 6 elements all great stories have: exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

You are telling a condensed version while including the most important parts of the story!

But before you begin, navigate to the "Process" tab to get a quick refresher on the 6 story elements. 


Watch the following video to get a quick refresher on plot elements.

Next, watch the short films, "Different" and "Life"

Open up the following shared Google Doc and together with your classmates identify the plot elements of the two short films. Every student should add their thoughts to this document. Be sure to add your response on a new line and sign your name at the end of your response. Also, each of you has access to edit this document. Please do not edit anybody else's answer. Only edit your own work. 

Finally, begin working on your comic strip (link is under the "Task" tab). Refer to the "Evaluation" tab to see how you will be graded for this Web Quest. 

Criteria Nicely Done Needs Work Not Met
Comic strip is included and all 6 elements are present  6 3-4 0-2
6 story elements are accurate 6 3-4 0-2
Google Doc Participation (identifying story elements of the 2 short films) 5 3-4 0-2
Comic strip is creative and shows effort  5 3-4 0-2
Grammar/Mechanics/Spelling 5 3-4 0-2

Total Possible Points: 21


By the end of this Web Quest students will have a better understanding of plot elements. They will be able to accurately identify all six elements of a story and show off their knowledge and creativity by creating a comic strip. 



Clair, S. [Samantha Clair]. (2017, September 3). Learn plot diagram using Disney and Pixar movie clips --> -->. YouTube. ​ ​​ ​

Runway Reel. [Runway Reel- Telugu Latest Short Films]. (2012 November 2). Life- A silent, smart, & simple short film  --> -->.

UNeek Productions. [UNeek Productions]. (2017, March 4). Different --> -->.

Teacher Page

In this Web Quest I have included various aspects of multiculturalism. For starters, the class novels the students read introduce various cultures. New Kid is a graphic novel about an African American student who moves to a new school in a ritzy part of town. He doesn't quite fit in, but he is trying to make it work. The novel, Tangerine, is about a small town in Florida that is divided by the upper-class, white-collar population and the lower-class, blue-collar population. The lower class is comprised mostly of Hispanics who work hard in their tangerine fields to put food on their table.

To continue, as the students navigate through the Web Quest, they will come to two short films. One film, "Different" represents African Americans as well as the disabled population. While the short film, "Life" represents the Indian culture and an impoverished population. 

Lastly, to help all students be successful, I included varying assignments and communicated the lesson in multiple ways to target a wide variety of learning styles and to hopefully play to many students' strengths.