The Importance of Diversity in Physical Education


Physical Education class settings often time neglect the amount of diversity that exist in the activities that are participated in. This WebQuest will attempt to teach students about why understanding cultures of classmates and backgrounds of the activities participated in are important in learning. This WebQuest can be used for any grades K-12. The WebQuest aims to show the many different cultures involved in various sports as well as the many players who had to adapt to play the game they loved in different countries. 



1. Find sports that have origins outside of the country where you were born. (For example bowling appears to have been created in Egypt... Think of sports besides baseball basketball and football)

2. Find 3 players (that you may be a fan of or recognize) from each of the three major American sports (baseball, basketball, football) that were not born in the United States (9 players total= 3 for each sport)

3. Use one player from one of the websites above and create a short report on their upbringing, education as well as when they began playing professionally. Look into their hometowns, family history etc. Next class be prepared to talk for one-two minutes about the player you found and introduce their culture to the class.

4. Find one player from the United States who plays a sport you are interested in who traveled overseas to play professionally.

5.Find one classmate to team up with and review each others player for number 3 as well as communicate about your own cultural upbringing.


Student took time and effort to complete all 5 tasks- 20 points

Student gave 1-2 minute report about their player for task 3 to class -20 points

Student had a good attitude towards the project -10 points

Total= 50 points



Hopefully this WebQuest allows students to see beyond the simple activities that are done in PE class. Teaching students to emphasize with other students and gain insight into cultures of the history of sports as well as the athletes who they look up to will only benefit them as they grow to live in our diverse world. Physical education should obviously be used to encourage students to be active but not at the expense of ignoring the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of culture to our students.