the influence of culture in relationships


Culture shapes person. A large amount of what we do, say, think, believe and to some extent, feel - is shaped by the culture we come from. From a young age, information we absorb from the world around us influences our: ideas about how to behave, sense of self-worth, thoughts about what's right and what's wrong, aspirations and interests, values - the importance of things in life (i.e. family/money/freedom), understanding of our individual places in society, ideas about birth, life and death.  So what happens when it comes to cultural relationships?



You and your Chechen course mate are going to make a presentation about Georgian and Chechen culture till the end of the month. You are going to plan the whole presentation till the end of the next week. In this webquest your objective is to find out the differences and similarities of each culture, how relationships between these cultures would work,  for this you should know:

1. What the differences are.

2. Which things you find most difficult.

3. What you like about the other culture.

4. What is the real problem of intercultural communication?

5. What are the advantages of intercultural communication?

6. What do partners in a relationship bring with them culturally and personally?


Use the resources to find information.  You need to foresee every important detail. Don’t forget to make a list using these categories:

  • Similarities and differences
  • Difficulties
  • The dominance of one culture
  • Customs and traditions
  • Food
  • Beliefs
  • Lifestyle
  • characteristics


In the process of speech you can use the following language:

• It’s fact that…

• Even though there’re many differences…

• We wondered…

• As far as we know…


You must show:


small videos.

The main structure must be well-organized on the slides.


Resources: you will need some internet resouces to accomplish this task.




Origins of the word Chechen 2 Geography and diaspora 3 History 4 Language 5 Origin hypotheses 6 Genetics 7 Culture 8 Religion 9 See also 10 References 11 Sources


customs, folklore, living conditions, language, location, history


traditional Chechen wedding in pictures


the etiquette of Chechen marriage customs


Chechen society and mentality: Origin of the Chechen people, Society and mountain democracy, Village defence – auls, Feudal clashes, Tukhums and teips, Teip, Council of elders, Adat (customary) law and blood feud, Code of standards and rules – adats, The concept of honour, Chechen courage, hospitality, authority, fear  of  shame,  blood feud, Code of conduct - mountain etiquette, Etiquette violations, Differences between mountain people and townspeople, Collective self-defence.


Chechen people


Interesting  facts about Georgian people


Orientation, History and Ethnic Relations, Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space, Food and Economy, Political Life, Gender Roles and Statuses, Marriage, Family, and Kinship, Socialization, Religion


The culture of Georgia


Marriage and family


Interesting traditions




You need to have a well-organized presentation. Don’t try to include junk information and bother your audience, think carefully, explain new words and treaty names. Present your attitudes about cultural relationships and make some interactive questions.



PRESENCE                                                                               5          4          3          2          1          0

      -body language & eye contact

      -contact with the public


      -physical organization


LANGUAGE SKILLS                                                             5          4          3          2          1          0

      -correct usage

      -appropriate vocabulary and grammar

      -understandable (rhythm, intonation, accent)

      -spoken loud enough to hear easily


ORGANIZATION                                                                    5          4          3          2          1          0

      -clear objectives

      -logical structure



MASTERY OF THE SUBJECT                                             5          4          3          2          1          0


      -depth of commentary

      -spoken, not read

      -able to answer questions


VISUAL AIDS                                                                          5          4          3          2          1          0

      -transparencies, slides


      -audio, video, etc.


OVERALL IMPRESSION                                                      5          4          3          2          1          0

      -very interesting / very boring

      -pleasant / unpleasant to listen to

      -very good / poor communication


Now you know every important point about Georgian and Chechen culture, you gained important knowledge, enriched vocabulary about different themes, improved searching skills and had a practice.