Influenced: An Investigation of Sports Participation


Many students around the world are participating in organized sports for a park, club, or recreational department. Many of the professional athletes that you see on TV has played in many sports when they were growing up. Many of those athletes have confessed that the skill development of the different sports allows for skills to transfer from one sport into another.

You may be like those students who are participating in their favorite sport, but did you know that the sports you choose to play can be influenced by your environmental surroundings, culture, and expectations of parents? This WebQuest attempts to bring awareness to students; like you; about some of those environmental factors and how they play a role in your decision of sport. Once you have completed this WebQuest; you will be well on your way to being a "Multi-Sport Athlete" instead of a regular athlete.

You and a partner/partners will team up to investigate the influences through a scavenger hunt. Once the assignment is done, students will have a great understanding of they are targeted, influenced, and uninfluenced to participate in specific sports. 


The students will research the many influences that determine their participation in sports to create a collage to put in their portfolio. Students will utilize the internet to search for pieces, pictures, stories, to put together in a digital collage. Once students are done researching the influences that exist in their own decision making of sports participation, they will explain their freedoms of choosing to participate in a sport that may go against those environmental, cultural, and peer influences.



Student Will:

1. Work with their group members to identify why they choose a specific sport as being their favorite. 

2. Find examples of their favorite role models to piece together in an electronic collage.

3. Find examples of players that represent their partner's ethnicity or culture that participates in their favorite sport.

4. Find examples (Actual Pictures or Enlarged Words) that represent those: environmental, cultural, and peer related influences that cause them to play/participate in the sport.

5. Merge the 2 collages together into 1 big collage that represents diversity within those 2 sports.

6. Write a reflection (1 paragraph) about the influences that can influence their decision on sports participation, and explain how those influences can be overruled by the athletes choice to participate in any sport they desire.



Poor      (1)

Good      (2)

Exemplary      (3)


Student does not communicate or collaborate with their partner/partners within the group

Student communicates and participates in the collaboration within their group amongst other members

Students takes a leadership role within the group without being assigned by teacher


Student does not create a pieced together collage to merge with their partners collage

Student finds many words or images from the internet that represent the influences that relates to the reason they participate in the sport

Students upload pictures of actual family members, peers, or stories that represent the influences that relates to the reason they participate in the sport


Student does not attempt to research any of the influences that determine their participation in sport

Students identifies role models in their favorite sport in a variety of examples on multiple platforms

Students find a variety of athletes that represents their partner in the sport opposite of their favorite




Total: _____/ 9____


Students like you are being influenced by many environmental factors to participate in particular sports. Many of those students to follow or abide by those environmental pressures, but some students choose an alternative route. You as a athlete have a choice in what sport you can participate in regardless of what the players look like, where they come from, if your mom or dad played, or if your friends play; you can excell in both sports if you choice to participate, work hard at skill development, and have an open mind to participation. You become a "Multi-Sport Athlete" instead of a regular athlete once you have that awareness of your choice to choose. 

Teacher Page

Teacher Will: 

  • Place students in diverse groups based on their favorite sport
  • Ensure that group members within groups have identified a sport opposite of the sport of another student.
  • Monitor participation in the assignment through observation
  • Highlight expectations by using the rubric in the "Evaluation" tab to explain what this WebQuest should look like once done.
  • Highlight learning objective and stress the importance of being a Multi-Sport Athlete instead of a single sport athlete.