Intercultural Communication


WebQuest on the discipline "Foreign language" is devoted to the 1st year students of non-linguistic specialties having Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1) levels. It is an additional resource to the main course of the discipline "Foreign language".

WebQuest is aimed at mastering the understanding of the importance of intercultural communication while learning a foreign language and covers actual topics on culture, tradition, national dress, food, poetry, music and national sports games in the countries of the USA, Great Britain, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Tasks of this WebQuest:

  - to teach students to the speaking skills on intercultural topics,

  - to bring up to awareness of the native culture and cultures of the English-speaking countries, capable of freely and effectively communicating with representatives of other linguistic cultures, as well as successfully overcoming barriers and communication conflicts.

The main purpose is the formation of a foreign language communicative competence, which allows using a foreign language as a means of interpersonal communication.