Internship time



You are going to start soon your internship, the moment you can explore more deeply all contents you have learned during your course.

We are as excited as you and we want to support you the best we can.

Please follow this guide and do your best.

Let us know if you need some help.

Good luck for this exciting month!


During your internship you are going to have fieldwork practice in the venue you chose.

You are going to dive in the content and acquire information and learning from the local tutor and students you follow.

During this time you are requested to show:

- Proactive engagement (versatility and flexibility, autonomy and responsibility, creativity and open-mindness)

- Effective and competent teaching

- Excellent communication: objective and assertive

- Critical approach and constructive opinions

- Positive attitudes with students/ athletes/ clients

In order to share your learnings/experiences you would be invited to develop some online tools, such as: a padlet, a video, a reflection journal and a wiki.


Part 1

- After the first meeting with local tutor and the university supervisor you need to create a padlet ( to plan/organise your internship


Part 2

- Every end of week you need to add an entry with your reflection in our Weekly reflection journal (Google Docs)


Part 3

- During your internship you are invited to take photos and videos from the work you are doing. Between the 2nd and 3rd week you need to Create a video (Above Spark or other) where you present your work with the total duration of 30 minutes.

You need to well define: the content (sport), your target, what you want students to learn, types of exercises you can use to have all of them progressing according to their levels.

This video is going to be commented and assessed by your colleagues.


Part 4

- At the end of your internship you are required to introduce a note in the Wiki page with your best practice.


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No-one knows better your internship than yourself. Try to share your knowledge with your colleagues and to pick-up the best of their experiences.

Now it's time to reflect on all the acquired information and learning, you are certainly going to become a better instructor.



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