What makes academic speech special?

What are the main differences between academic and general speech?

How to make a good academic speech?

These and more than this will be in the given web-quest! Enjoy!


Task 1. Follow the link below.Study the given materials and say what the general features of academic speaking are. Fix your answers in your copybooks.


Task 2. Now that you know the main features of an academic talk it's time to talk about its structure. Follow the link and say what the structure of a talk should look like.


Task 3 . Great! You are one step closer to our final goal - making a plan of our speech. Before we start talking about the plan, we have to know how to organize it. Study the material following the link below. Think about advantages and disadvantages of each type of outline. Which one would you choose? Why?


Task 4. When we talk on the topic, we have to connect our ideas together. In writing we use coordinators, linking devices etc. And how about spoken language? Watch a video and discover. While watching the video take notes. Be ready to discuss.


Task 5. You are almost an expert in making a speech. What we need now is a bit of practice with cohesion of our speech. Look at the copy. For each signposting language think up a category. 


Task 6. Perfect! Now it is time for us to make a plan of our future talk. First, let's think about the topic. Choose 1 topic out of the given, follow the plan in task 2 and make up a short plan of it using task 3. 


1. Why is it important to buy locally manufactured or grown goods?

2. How should students caught cyberbullying be prevented or persecuted?

3. Why we should stop buying and wearing fur clothes.

4. The unpleasant consequences of skipping breakfasts.

5.How to benefit from stressful situation.