What is organic chemistry?

Organic chemistry is the study of compounds that contain the element carbon. This is a wide ranging topic that overlaps with other sciences like biochemistry, medicine, and materials science. Organic chemists study the properties, structure, and chemical reactions of organic compounds.

Organic Compounds

The chemical compounds of living things are known as organic compounds because of their association with organisms and because they are carbon-containing compounds.

Hello everyone! This WebQuest will make basic overview through organic chemistry, You will get answers on different questions which have connection with basic of organic chemistry:) Good luck, hope You will enjoy it!!




1.  What is organic chemistry?

2. What is an organic compound?

3. Which of these scientists synthesized urea from ammonium cyanate?

  • William Blandowsky
  • Robert Hubner
  • Friedrich Wöhler

4. What kind of molecules are built on carbon?

  • Biological
  • Syntethic
  • Ecological

5. Which are the most simplest organic molecules?

  • Carbon
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Methane

6. How many bonds do the carbons have?

  • Three
  • Four
  • One

7. The prefix meth means that there are...

  • One carbon atom
  • Three meth atoms
  • Two atoms

8. For how many atoms do these prefixes stand for?

  • Meth -
  • But -
  • Prop -

9. Alkanes are always named based on the...

10. The burning of alkane is called...

11. What does halogenation mean?

12. C2H6 stands for...

13. How many C contains propane? 

14. How many C contains methane?

15. Is general formula written correctly? CnH2n+2


You need to watch a video, complete the tasks and check your answers. 

The following exercise contains 15 questions. All of the questions are taken from the video you just watched.


The correct answers to the exercise :

  1. Organic chemistry is basically the study of organic compounds.
  2. A compound whose molecules contain Carbon.
  3. Friedrich Wöhler
  4. Biological
  5. Hydrocarbon
  6. Four
  7. One carbon atom
  8. Meth - 1 atom, But - 4 atoms, Prop - 3 atoms
  9. Alkanes are always named based on the longest possible continuous chain in their structure.
  10. The burning of alkane is called combustion.
  11. Halogenation means replacement of hydrogen atoms with halogens.
  12. C2H6 stands for ethane
  13. (3)
  14. (1)
  15. Yes

If you have answered 14 out of 15 questions right, you are EXCELLENT.

If you have answered 10 out of 15 questions right, you are AVERAGE.

If you have answered 5 out of 15 questions right, you are POOR.

If you have answered 2 or less out of 15 questions right, please watch the video again and try to do the tasks one more time.


So we have finished our practice! Well done:) Hope you have enjoyed it.