Students will learn how to greet each other in Spanish. They will learn cultural cues as well as the language necessary to be successful in an introduction. 


Students will watch the video and take notes. Students will be prepared to practice with other students at a later date. 


1. Students will watch the video concerning introductions. 

2. Listen and answer questions on how to greet people.

3. Listen and respond to another student's video concerning how to greet people.

4. Read the article concerning greeting in the U.S. and Spanish. What are the differences between the two?

5. Find out basic information about a partner.

6. Submit the information about the partner to the teacher in a word document to

7. Record yourself using the powerpoint app on your computer. Introduce yourself, include a basic greeting, tell how you are doing that day.


Students should submit each task in the process bar to the teacher's e-mail address.

The evaluation will be sent back to students and evaluated according to the following rubric.

Students will be able to send the revised task to the instructor.

Please complete the survey to better understand your learning


Students should be able to greet each other in a real-life context through the use of the computer. 

Students should be able to describe the difference between the way someone might introduce oneself in the United States and Spain. 



youtube- Learn how to introduce oneself in Spanish 

Spanish Playground-Easy Spanish Conversations