Investigating Andersonville


You are a Union soldier who has been tasked with investigating the Confederate war prison at Andersonville, Georgia. When you arrive at Andersonville you find that conditions for the prisoners are abysmal. Lets explore the prison together to compile a complete report.


SS8H5 Analyze the impact of the Civil War on Georgia.

b)Explain Georgia’s role in the Civil War; include the Union blockade of Georgia’s coast, the Emancipation Proclamation, Chickamauga, Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign, Sherman’s March to the Sea, and Andersonville.


Using the resources provided, Investigate the conditions at the prison, Evaluate the treatment of the prisoners, and Describe these conditions in a one page letter to General Sherman.


Step 1: Open the Andersonville virtual field trip (

Step 2: Explore the prison by watching the interactive videos and reading the provided information. 

Step 3: Observe and record the conditions inside the prison. Evaluate how and why the prison has become so overcrowded and dirty.

Step 4: Write a letter to General Sherman that describes how the prisoners have been treated at Andersonville. 


  5 Points 3 Points 1 point
Content Student's letter contains an accurate description of the prison conditions and provides an explanation of why the prison's conditions are so poor. Student provides at least 4 examples from the virtual field trip. Student's letter contains a mostly accurate description of the prison's conditions with a maximum of 2 inaccurate statements. Student's letter contains less than four examples from the virtual field trip. Student's letter does not contain an accurate description of the prison conditions. Student's letter contains one or zero examples from the virtual field trip.
Punctuation and Grammar Student's letter contains 2 or fewer punctuation and grammar mistakes. Student's letter contains 3-8 punctuation or grammar mistakes.

Students letter contains 9 or more punctuation or grammar mistakes.


Student's letter is organized neatly in paragraphs with a logical flow. Student's letter also contains a proper greeting and farewell. 

Student's letter is mostly organized in paragraphs with an irregular flow of ideas. Student's letter does not contain proper greeting and farewell. Student's letter does not have a logical flow, is not organized into paragraphs, or does not contain a greeting or a farewell.
Creativity Student's letter is descriptive and engaging. It is clear that the student put thought and effort into their description of the prison. Student's letter is descriptive of the conditions inside the prison. The student's work shows evidence of some thought and effort. Student's letter evidences minimal thought and effort.



In this webquest you have investigated Andersonville Prison, Evaluated the conditions in the prison and described them to another person. You have learned how the prison affected the people incarcerated there, the people who lived near there, and the soldiers who guarded the prison. You have evaluated why the conditions were so bad at the prison, and you have developed an understanding of the impact of Andersonville prison on the state of Georgia.


Virtual Field Trip: Georgia Online Texbook from GPBS (

Image 1: American Battlefield Trust

Image 2: All That's Interesting

Image 3: Georgia Public Broadcasting

Image 4: All That'e Interesting

Image 5: The Gettysburg Museum of History

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Georgia Standards of Excellence: SS8H5b

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