Is it be endangered?


Dear fifth-graders,

In order to complete this mission you should do a final project. I can only tell you, for now, that it is related to to something which can be really dangerous to the whole world. It is related to the animals, and to the environment as a whole. Can you guess what these animals have in common and what is this project about?

Here is a clue...








Elementary my dear students, this unit has to do with endangered animals; so, throughout this project, you will be learning about different endangered animals, although I know that you have already heard about this topic in Natural Sciences. So your aim today is to revise what is it an endangered animal, as tomorrow's lesson will deal with this topic. Then, each group will be in charged of one of the following animals: Panda, Rhino, Orangutan, Gorilla.

Your mission, in this case, is that each team searches information about one of these animals and to make a poster with it. Once you are done, you will present your poster to the rest of the groups.

Here you have some helpful websites with information about the fourth endangered animals mentioned above: