It's a PSSA trip with coordinates


In this webquest, you will become plane experts!  Let's take an adventure through the Coordinate world. This webquest will help you and your friends understand and start using Coordinate planes. There are videos, games and learning tools to help you step by step through the Coordinate grid system.

I want to expand your minds and help you to figure out why knowing how to work with coordinate planes will help you in the real world. You will understand how to plot, how to read graphs and give a set of directions using ordered pairs!


Knowing how to get around town is an important part of being an adult, what better time than now to start practicing directions! :)

I want you, by the end of this webquest, to be able to draw and give a set of directions through your fake town. You will need to know what the X and Y axis are, what an Ordered pair is, and how to plot points. 

By the end of these lessons and games, you will complete a project to get the reader from points on your map. Perhaps you will have the reader drive from your house to the Grocery Store, you will give directions on how to get there. Now you want them to drive to the library, you have to tell them how to get there! After all of the practice, this will be a breeze. Now get started and see just how easy it is!


Step 1: Watch these videos to help and remind you of what a coordinate plane is and how it works!……


Step 2: Play (Yes, I said play) these games to help you become an expert on coordinate planes.


Step 3: Look at my example of directions using Coordinate planes. What do you see? What can you add to your directions?



                Make your own map, including directions. Use the Rubric on the Evaluation to help you include all needed parts.

You will use all of the information you learned on the videos and games to help you. This is an example of the amount of Items you should have on your map. You MUST give three directions, I would LOVE if you gave more!

This is an EXAMPLE of a map you could use to HELP you. (Don't copy this map)

Submit a Photo of your completed map to the Google Classroom.

And example of one set of directions is:

-You are trying to get from the castle (3,2) to the your pet Elephant, Gary (7,5), to get there you must watch out for the wall! To do this you must go north and visit the watch tower at (3,3), then go over the bridge at (5, 3) and go to your friend Amy's house at (7, 3). After eating lunch you will head north again, through the woods at (8,4) and finally see your favorite pet Gary! (7,5)

See how easy that was?! This is due Tuesday May 4th. Now get started!


Neighborhood Directions 


1 pts

2 pts

3 pts


Presentation and Appeal 


The project was not presented in a neat and orderly fashion. Meets the minimum requirements of the assignment. 


The project's presentation had room for improve-ment. Shows some sense of creativity, and skill. 


The project was presented in a neat and orderly fashion. Goes above and beyond what was asked. 


Plotted Points 


Student was able to graph some coordinate points, but was not sufficient enough to be able to use the graphs for data analysis. 


Student was able to graph most of their points correctly on the provided coordinate plane. (1-2 coordinate points mis-plotted at most) 


Student was able to graph all of their points correctly on the provided coordinate plane. 




Student failed to identify the axes, both x and y correctly. 


Student identified the axes correctly. Student mis-labeled one of the axes. 


Student was able to label the x axis and the y axis with numbers correctly. 


Set of Directions 


Student had 0-1 direction. Student insufficiently gave "directions" to reader. Student incorrectly identified plotted point directions. 


Student had 1-2 directions. Student incorrectly 1 identified plotted point direction. 


Student had 3 or more directions. Student correctly identified plotted point directions. 


You are now a Coordinate planes expert! How does it feel?! You can now complete any Coordinateing plane work that thrown at you!

If you would like, go back to the Process Page and continue playing the games provided!

Great Job!