John F Kennedy WebQuest


Complete the following activities relating to the life and presidency of John F Kennedy.


For each of the following tasks, answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Task 1: 

1. What were Kennedy's contributions to the WW2 efforts?

2. How did Kennedy become a politician?


Task 2:

3. What was the original plan and how was it modified?

4. Describe the location of the first bombs?

5. Explain the aftermath of the events?


Task 3:

6. Why was the Berlin Wall constructed?

7. What famous line did Kennedy utter in a speech and what does it translate to in English?


Task 4: 

8. Explain 5 events in the Cuban Missile Crisis. (3 sentences each)


Task 5:

9. Why is this document considered a primary source?

10. What was discovered about Kennedy's death?