Jordan's Pre-writing Fix


Can you help Jordan with planning the story in order to improve the structure?


The task is simple. In order to assist Jordan we will be looking at what goes into planning a piece of writing with a view to creating a plan for a new story.

  • A list of topics from which you may choose is included in your portfolio.

  • A list of websites is also included in the portfolio. Type the link in the address bar

  • You are required to watch the videos and read the information on the websites for which links have been provided.

  • At the end of each step of the pre-writing stage, there is a corresponding worksheet to complete.

  • Start with the link that describes what is pre-writing, so that you have a clear understanding of what is expected.

  • Use the other online resources follow the sequence in which you are expected to conduct investigations into the elements of a creative writing piece and complete the worksheets.

  • You are expected to complete one worksheet per week; portfolios will be checked weekly to provide feedback, but will only be marked after the final submission.

  • You are expected to write a brief summary of what each element of the story is and state why you think it is important in writing a good story.



The links to your resources are posted below



At the end of the quest, you will submit the completed pre-writing portfolio. You will be expected to have completed each of the worksheets included.


What have you learned about the elements of a story?  Do you see their importance to the process of writing? How does planning an essay contribute to the enjoyment of the piece of writing?