A journey through Shakespeare


For the subject of Universal Literature of the 2nd year of Bachillerato, students have to study Shakespeare, more specifically the play Hamlet. As you know, Shakespeare is one of the great writers worldwide and that is why through this WebQuest we will learn about him and his works.


To carry out the work we will divide the class into five groups of 5 people. The first group will be in charge of investigating the cultural context of Shakespeare as well as his bibliography and the different artists of the time. The second group will be in charge of investigating the theatre of the time, for it will make a relationship with the type of theatre that was known so far as well as the theatre companies of the time, as well as the types of actors and the main themes of representation. Then, the third group will be responsible for choosing three different sonnets and analyzing them. The fourth group is the one that will do the research and analysis of Hamlet's work. And finally, the fifth group will investigate the different representations as well as for example movies or series that have fitted this history in some way.

  1. Form five different groups of five people each.
  2. Discuss what you already know about the topic and about the task you have been assigned.
  3. With the help of the resources that I have given you, select the most important ones.



You will be evaluated in the group by your teacher; it means that you have to work in the group in order to not affect your mates. It is important to have cleared the idea that you want to develop and to answer the exact question. Visual content it is needed and it is also important to use the proper vocabulary as well as correct use of the grammar and spelling. In order to evaluate you the teacher will be following the following rubric:

Evaluation criteria






Voice Tone

The student correctly and appropriately modulates the tone of voice. Oral communication flows naturally and correctly.  The correct and appropriate vocabulary is used.






Quality of the presentation

The student keeps the attention on the spectators. Avoid reading only what is written in the presentation.






Domain of content

The student demonstrates mastery of the content that the teacher has provided.






Organization and sequence

The student presents in an organized way his curricular model of evaluation. There is evidence of a logical and orderly sequence between each of the parties.






Clarity and precision through the presentation

The student clearly presents his curricular model. There are no ambiguities in the presentation.






Use of time

The student appropriately uses the time available for his presentation. This time must be equitable for the whole group.






Use of visual and/ or technological resources

The student makes appropriate use of visual and/or technological resources to enrich his presentation






Security in the approaches

The student projects security in each and every one of the approaches that concern his curricular evaluation model.







You learnt about Shakespeare and his time as well as the cultural and historical context and the different types of theatre. You will also learn more about the sonnets and his play Hamlet. And finally, you will learn about the different adaptations of this play and how different can a play be adapted.

Teacher Page
  • This Webquest has been designed for students of 2nd of Bachillerato of Universal Literature.
  • The main objective is to make them read and investigate the selected topics, and then create an appropriate exposition
  • It will be carried out in class in five different sessions