Journey Through the Solar System


Welcome, young astronauts! 🚀 Are you ready for an incredible journey through our solar system? In this WebQuest, you will embark on an exciting adventure to explore the wonders of space and discover fascinating facts about each planet. Get ready to blast off and become solar system experts!


Your mission is to research and gather information about the eight planets in our solar system. You will create a digital presentation to showcase your knowledge and present it to your classmates.


1. Explore the Planets: Use the provided resources to research each planet. Discover facts about their size, composition, atmosphere, moons, and any other interesting details. Take notes and gather images to use in your presentation.

2. Create a Digital Presentation: Choose a digital tool like Google Slides, PowerPoint, or any other presentation software. Organize your information and create slides for each planet. Include captivating images and engaging facts to capture your audience's attention.

3. Present Your Findings: Once your presentation is ready, present it to your classmates. Share your newfound knowledge, answer questions, and spark curiosity about the solar system.


- NASA's Solar System Exploration:

- National Geographic Kids:

- Britannica Kids:


You will be evaluated based on the accuracy of your information, the organization and creativity of your presentation, and your ability to effectively communicate your knowledge to your classmates.


Congratulations, space explorers! 🌌 You have successfully completed your journey through the solar system and become experts on the planets. By researching, creating, and presenting your findings, you have expanded your knowledge of the universe. Keep exploring and never stop reaching for the stars!