The Judas Strain


The book The Judas Strain is a wonderful, suspenseful book. This book depicts a group of people from an organization named Sigma trying to protect people and important information from a terrorist organization named the Guild all while trying to find a cure to an impending viral epidemic.  During the course of this book, there are thrilling fights, surprising discoveries, cliff hangers, and so much more that makes the book so enjoyable. Beyond this, the book has a complex plot, various conflicts, and interesting characters that leave readers with so many different things to question and evaluate about its many components. During this web quest, we will be looking at the book itself and out side sources to truly analyze the book to deeply understand everything that is going on within it.                                 



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Links, videos, and insight have been given about the book and research that gives further information on its components. After reading and obtaining the information provided, answer the questions that are provided in the task of this web quest.


Language within the book The Judas Strain plays a key role in the resolve of several conflicts within the book and is even a conflict itself. A language that was called "angelic code" was interpreted by the characters in order to find the information  that they needed to find a cure the virus that posed an issue on the world populace. The language was mostly interpreted by the characters Gray and Vigor who, through history and the use of this language, were able to come t certain conclusions that allowed them to find a cure. To understand the significance of language within the book and even within our daily lives, the youtube video linked above helps give insight to what language is and how it was such a part of the book.

The virus within the book, named the "judas strain", also played an integral part within the book. The virus within the book was constantly a threat to the character throughout the story. A cure to the virus could almost be the entire goal for most of the characters. Within the book a researcher named Lisa worked upon a cruise ship named "Mistress of the Sea" and was forced to work on a cure for this disease that might lead to world devastation. After escaping from her captors on this ship, she later found the cure through a friend she made in the process of everything, named Susan; since Susan was naturally immune to the virus, Lisa, along with other researchers, were able to make a cure and vaccine to prevent the spread of this virus. The purpose of the video was to briefly show how viruses work and how and why than can be so harmful and dangerous.

This website gives insight to what terrorist organizations, like the one present within the book, and why they night do such. Within the book, the Guild, the terrorist organization that was an antagonist within the story, hijacked a cruise ship, held hundreds if people captive, spread a deadly virus, and even threatened the main characters within the book. Their main goal was to have a cure for the virus that they purposefully spread so that they would have the agency they needed over the groups of people that truly needed it. They were after money and power and did horrible things in order to get it. Luckily they did not totally succeed in their efforts but they definitely harmed hundreds and maybe even thousands of people throughout the book. This website should explain how that is sometimes the case in reality and that this is an actual issue that people are having to deal with and solve. 

More information about the book and important things within are listed below:


  1. What might the character have done in the story to interpret the ancient unknown text? 
  2. What are some major differences that might exist between the Guild within the book and actual terrorist groups? 
  3. Why might it have been so hard for the cure for the "judas strain" to be found and used. 
  4. What might the addition of terrorist to the conflict within the story have done to the plot and possible themes within the book? 
  5. What were some things that the characters might have done whenever they first tried to understand the ancient language?
  6. What is a basic explanation of how the "judas strain" might have attacked it host ? 
Understanding  Engaged Unaware

Fully answers question in depth without

leaving any important details out about the 

book or about the online information 


Answers question appopriately but 

excludes certain details that represent

an indepth undressing of the book

and the information 

Does to answers the question tor

totally answers incorrectly reflecting

that the information or the book was not 

read or comprehended 

Is able to make connect the outside sources

with the relevant  information that is within the

book that comes to brilliant, correct conclusions

about the components of the book.

Makes connections between reseach 

and book but does not totally explain

each connections effect on the varies

parts of the book. 

Fails to make any accurate connection between

the book and the outside information given about 

the parts of the book.  

Uses proper grammar to anwser each question

precisely using vivid vocabulary to express 

thoughts and answers.

Uses grammar but does not use 

varied sentence structure or flagrant

vocabulary to discuss the answers to 

the response. 

Uses incorrect grammar and vocabulary to 

answer the question.



The book and the information given have hopefully given you information on the varies, important components of the book The Judas Strain. The question about the book and the information that were provided were question that should help tie the book and the information provided together and to help develop a deeper understanding of both. After, hopefully information about terrorism, language, and biology helped you understand everything that was taking place within the is amazing book. 

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I chose to compare real world research with events that happened within the book just to help put things in perspective for my self and for anyone else that might complete this web quest, whether they have read the book or not. The plot and the events within the book can sometimes get confusing and hard to understand so this should serve as an aid if anyone peruse reading the great book The Judas Strain.