Kindergarten Rhyme Time


Let’s rhyme!

Can you find words that end with the same sound?

Rhyming words have similar sounds such as cat and mat

Playing with rhyming words is so much fun! 

Let’s make rhyming words.

This lesson is intended for kindergarten students to introduce and practice rhyming words.


Students will participate in the following activities to complete the assignment on rhyming words. 

1) Students will be introduced to the concept of rhyming words with a story and a demonstration of rhyming words.
2) Students will then listen to and sing a song about rhyming words. 

3) Students will practice matching rhyming words with a game.

4) Students will then make their own rhyming words on a jamboard. 

5) Finally, students will share a pair of rhyming words in a digital class book of rhyming words.


Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete the webquest!

1) You are going to listen to a book called Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas. Make sure you use your whole body listening skills while you listen to the story!




2) Let’s practice more rhyming words. Let’s sing a song to help us review!


3) Do you think you’re ready to match rhyming words? Click on a bee to see his word. If it rhymes, then drag the bee to the beehive.

      Rhyming Game


4. How many -at rhyming words can we make? Go to our class jamboard, take a sticky note and write down your word. Remember to use different alphabet letters!



5. Now you’re ready to add a pair of rhyming words to our Class Rhyming Book!

     Our Class Book of Rhyming Words



Students will complete the following interactive worksheets to demonstrate their understanding of rhyming words. 

Rhyming Words Match  

Rhyming Words

            Category        Early Emergent               Developing                  Developed

Standard 1, Benchmark 2 - 

Performs Rhythmic Patterns

Student performs pattern

with help from the teacher.

Student independently performs

the pattern correctly.

Student independently performs

the pattern correctly and with fluency.



You did it!  Isn't rhyming fun?  Try to think about rhyming words throughout the day while you are playing! 

Let's watch one more video about rhyming words! Can you think of rhyming words during the song? 




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Teacher Page

The Kindergarten Program: Curriculum Expectations

1.1: explore sounds, rhythms, and language structures, with guidance and on their own

1.11: demonstrate an awareness that words can rhyme, can begin or end with the same sound, and are composed of phonemes that can be manipulated to create new words