Lack of Access to HealthCare


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       A lack of access to affordable healthcare services increases the risk of a child having educational setbacks that affect the outcome of their education, personal relationships, and overall well-being. Children who lack access to affordable healthcare are often at risk of failing in school due to chronic absences from classes while ill or untreated. Children who lack access to healthcare and healthcare services are at risk of having unmet health and behavioral needs. The lack of health care prevents children from starting head start at an early age, it puts older children at risk of failing classes and assignments, repeating the same grade, having a lack of attendance in the classroom, and exhibiting low-performance scores on tests and quizzes. Affordable and accessible healthcare is important when assisting families in the community.                                                                                                                                                      


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  • Developing a family resource center provides a strong support system for the community for parents, caregivers and children.
  • The family resource center will provide services to assist with meeting the need of healthcare for children. 
  • The Family resource center will provide vision and hearing screenings, immunization clinics, sick and well child checks, Covid and Flu testing and well child development.
  • The family resource center will be partnered and housed with a local faith-based organization, partnered with the local health department and social services, and grant funded.
  • A board of directors will be appointed to assist with the development of the agency, developing policies and procedures and overseeing the overall wellbeing of the program
  • Family Resource Centers - Child Welfare Information Gateway 
  • How Health-Care Policies Affect Children's Health and Development | Society for Research in Child Development SRCD


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Proposal Plan

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Having a Family Resource Center in the community will be important with addressing the health needs of children in the community. The proposed project will include services such as immunization clinics, well child checks, vision and hearing screenings and preventive oral and physical health services. All services that are important to the growth and development of children. The services are also beneficial in the education outcomes of children, Hired and volunteered staff is needed to ensure the agency is operated at full compacity and providing the most needed services for the community. Grant funding is important in the development of the agency. Partnerships with programs such as Doctors without Borders that provide free healthcare around the world.  The goal of the program is to ensure that children and their caregivers are able to access affordable healthcare services so that children are able to receive their education and prepare for their future adult life. 


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There are programs such as Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program that are in place to address the unmet need of access to healthcare. With these programs the number of uninsured children has decreased. However, having insurance one approach to having access to healthcare. Families often face challenges of not being able to schedule appointments within a needed time due to doctor shortages in local areas, not being able to get to needed appointments due to transportation or offices within the network being great distances away from the home and not being able to afford the healthcare that they are eligible to receive.  













Developing a Family Resource Center will help to address the issues of accessible healthcare. Having a location that is within walking distance or in the center of the city for all parents will help to ensure that caregivers are able to get to appointments. Developing partnerships with local community partners will ensure that services are able to be provided within a timely manner. Offering preventive services for families with assist with children healthcare needs being met and changing the health status in their childhood. Having an agency that assist with basic services at no cost to parents will assist with intervention services for children who facing challenges in school. Preventive services offered at the resource center for parents can help alleviate some of the risks that children are challenged with if they did not have access to healthcare. Preventive services such as vision screens will assist children with reading better at an early age. The agency would also provide dental services to families. Children who are in pain from dental concerns will show a lack of performance while in class. The agency will offer transportation vouchers through partnerships with Medicaid, local city buses and transportation services in the city. 

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