Langston Hughes


This lesson is going to be over a key figure in African American History. Langston Hughes was as an American poet, social activist, novelist. Playing a major role in the Harlem renaissance spanning from(1919 to 1926.) The purpose of this assignment is for students to understand who Langston Hughes was, and what he did as a poet and activist.


Students will read about Langston Hughes using the link provided. Through the use of the link students will choose 5 poems written by Langston Hughes. Then writing a summary over Langston Hughes, whilst also pointing out 3 characteristics of each poem. Then creating an analysis over each of the poems, including the authors purpose and event that influenced the poem. Student may use to find an analysis over the poem however students summary and analysis should be in their own words inspired by their own ideas.

At the end of this assignment students should be able share with each other their idea of who Langston Hughes was as an individual, and understand his motives for each of his pieces. Students should be able to identify what exactly the Harlem renaissance, and what the affects were because of it.



Students will read the article over Langston Hughes and his life

Students will then choose 5 poems written by Langston Hughes

Students will then read the 5 poems and find information on each

Students will then write a summary over Langston Hughes life

Students will write 3 key characteristics of each of their poems

Students will write an analysis over each of their poems

Students will then record all of their work on a Microsoft word document


Students will be evaluated based on completing the assignment in both a timely and organized manner. Students will received a grade for based upon the materials presented and use of class time.

Completion of key characteristics: 20 points

Completion of summary: 20 points

Completion of analysis of poems: 40 Points

Use of class time properly: 10 points

Grammar: 10 points

Total (___/100)


The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to truly understand the importance behind the Harlem renaissance and what exactly it was, through the understanding of one of its key leaders.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and know a little more about American History.

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