Laws Of Motion


             Hey! kiddos! Are you ready to listen and to learn? 

              This webquest is a fun way to learn about and apply Newton's three Laws of Motion. one way that something can change is simply by traveling to a new location. Where an object its position, we call the change of motion. Isaac Newton formulated three laws that apply to every motion in the universe. To understand how this change works and what forces are needed to generate this type of change, this webquest will guide you along the way in your discovery of Newton's three Laws.


So come on, lets start! 😊


Proceed to task!


   For you task!

          You will be able to create a compilation describing Newton's and his three laws including a compilation example of each laws.


Go to process!


      Follow the process!

        You will be able to create an activity on Newton and his three laws of motion. Your output must contain the following:

  • Title (typed) 
  • A photo of sir Isaac Newton 

  • A type of short summary of Newton's life

  • Title and description of each Law (three law total)   

 In addition, each law must also be written in your own words, and a picture that represent s each law must be posted with each description. Outputs are to be neat and organized, with proper spelling. Font should be Century Gothic and fonsize must be 12. 


              Your final grade for the webquest will be graded according to the rubrics below. The total webquest is worth of 20 points.



                   Category                 5                  4                  3                 2

 1. Content


 2. Creativity


  3. Presentation    


  4. Neatness      




                  Congratulations kiddos, job well done! 👏