Lesson 11



Lesson 11

Learning Target:  Analyze number patterns created from mixed operations. 


  1. Grab a ruler (or a straight edge), pencil, and your problem set)
  2. Watch Video it doesn’t exactly match but it has similar problems) I would suggest you watch a problem then pause then try and do the same problem on your problem set


(Watch until you feel comfortable)

  1. Complete the problem set :go back in the video if needed
  2. Check your answers: http://ojusd-ca.schoolloop.com/file/1368364943627/1365835800006/5223237243117274281.pdf


  1. After checking: Go to someone that is done (if no one is done go to a teacher) discuss the following: Be prepared – If you cannot answer the questions watch the video again or do your own investigation. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ON LOOSELEAF PAPER. THIS MAY BE DONE WITH A PARTNER. HAND IN your answers in the MATH BIN –label it lesson 11
  • Make a statement that describes how the lines generated from mixed operations behave.  How are they similar and different from multiplication only or addition or subtraction only rules?
  • Share your answers to Problems 2(b) and 4(b) with a neighbor.  Explain your thought process as you generated the coordinate pairs.
  • Predict what line m  would look like if you added first and then multiplied.



  1. Complete Exit Ticket by yourself and hand in THE MATH BIN

How will I and you know you met the objective (understand it)?

If you get a 3 or 4 on your exit ticket




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