Lesson 2 - How to make a cake -


By Asmaa Alassi

Through this WebQuest, you will know how to make a cake step by step. In addition, you will know the new words which are used in making a cake.

Would you like to know how to make a cake! So, be with me step by step.

You are about to know the words used in making a cake. It is an interesting lesson, so lets have some fun while we are learning.


You are about to make a cake.  You are going to recognize some new words in making a cake. 

Are you ready for making a cake!



1 Put the butter in the bowl.

2 Add the sugar and flour in a cup.

3 Add the eggs

4 Add the milk and mix it all up.

5 Put it in the oven.

Now, wait and wait…

 Is it ready? Yes, it is!

 What a lovely cake!



I am sure that you will memorize all these words.

Share with your mom in the kitchen and tell her the definition of these new words



Teacher Page

Teacher Introduction

Hello and thank you for choosing to use my WebQuest. This WebQuest gives your students the ability to recognize the vocabulary of making a cake step by step. It is good to use a new way for students to have fun and learn at the same time. Feel free to modify this WebQuest to meet your own needs.