Lesson Assessment 6.1 WebQuest


By researching his life and educational theories, students will gain an understanding of how Jean Piaget helped to shape the foundational knowledge of childhood cognitive development. In a survey in 2002 of 1,725 American Psychological Society members, Piaget was named the second most influential psychologist of the 20th century. (Cherry, 2022).


Today you will be researching online to understand what caused Piaget to be recognized as one of the most influential figures in 20th-century psychology in general and education specifically. In APA 7 format you will write a 5-6 paragraph overview of Jean Piaget's life and work.


Utilize the Internet and the following links to be certain your essay addresses the points listed below.





Points to include in your essay:

  • Describe Piaget's childhood and parental upbringing.
  • Explain how and why Piaget developed his theory of cognitive development.
  • Provide details and information about his accomplishments and honorary degrees. 
  • Explain the term genetic epistemology and the branch of philosophy it is concerned with.
  • Explain the term genetic epistemology and the branch of philosophy it is concerned with. 
  • Discuss why Piaget's work continues to influence education, what principles he advocated for, and which are still often used in 21st-century classrooms.

For this task you will be assessed on the completion of the WebQuest. This includes an assessment of the essay. The WebQuest will be assessed on the following components: Introduction, Task, Process: Teamwork, Process Originality, and Grammar, Format and Spelling.



You should now have investigated the life and accomplishments of Jean Piaget. His theories concerning developmental psychology, sociology, education, and more are familiar to you, along with his cognitive development theory, its significant impact on developmental psychology, and how it contributed to the field of education. The meaning of the term "genetic epistemology will now be part of your educational lexicon. Additionally, this assignment provides you with insight into better understanding your student's learning abilities using Piaget's principles of discovery learning, problem-solving, and stage-based teaching for future use.

Hope you enjoyed the WebQuest and learning about the significant contributions of Jean Piaget!


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