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Hello students 

This is the introduction to the lesson as well as a guide of what is expected of you to complete the task.

Click the link below, thank you.



The poem we will be covering today is titled: "Remember"- by Christina Rosetti

You are expected to read the poem for comprehension. I suggest you read it more than twice to grasp it properly and to comprehend the message the speaker intends to bring across.

https://poets.org/poem/remember [ attached is where you can find and read the poem]

Further instructions:
1. After reading, analyze the poem. 

Watch the video below in order to see how this poem is broken down and analyzed line by line.

2. Answer the questions that follow which is based on the poem above. [FIND QUESTIONS IN THE NEXT SLIDE TITLED: PROCESS]




ACTIVITY/ QUESTIONS to be answered:

1. Refer to line 2: "gone far away into the silent land". What do you understand by this line in the context of the poem?

2. Do you think that the speaker and her beloved had a close relationship? Provide evidence from the poem to support your answer.

3. Provide a different euphemism that Rosetti could have used in place of "gone away" -line 1.

4. Give a brief explanation of your understanding of the poem.

Please complete the questions above to DEMONSTRATE your understanding of the poem. 


Find attached links to websites that will broaden your understanding of this poem and therefore help you answer the questions above with ease. 





Find attached the marking guidelines to the questions presented to you in the PROCESS


Instruction to the marker:

award marks for any reasonable answer to any open ended questions.


1. Answers will vary. Possible answers: The person is no more. The speaker lost someone important and will never be able to see them again. (any acceptable answer)


2. Yes. "hold me by the hand" - Line 3


3. Passed on/ no more


4. Own answers (any acceptable answer)


This poem is quite a relatable one as it is centered around losing a loved one and life after that. See why I say it's relatable!

With that, I believe learners would resonate with it well and therefore be able to apply what they have learnt along with their prior knowledge to the activity/ task to be completed.

Thank you. 






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Thank you for participating in this WebQuest.

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