Lets be Detectives!


Who wants to be a detective? Help me find the upper and lowercase letters, to get a treat!


At the end of this WebQuest you will have gained an understanding of upper and lowercase letters.  The different between upper and lowercase letters. Most importantly, how to write you name using both types of letters correctly.


 There are three step that you will have to take to become a good detective and find the treat.

Finding the lower case letters and spot them really fast.


Finding uppercase letters and knowing what they look like.


Knowing how to spell your name.









Needs work

Upper case letters




Lowercase letters




Spelling name








This is where you put you skills to the test, not only  will you show me how good of a detective you are. You also how much you have learned. There are treat placed all around the classroom. First you will have to write you name using upper and lowercase letters correctly in the spelling of you name. After, your name is spelled you  will be given chips with upper and lower case letters on them, Then you will have to find the matching letter treat. Once you find the correct letter to match your chip, you have to bring it to the teacher to see if you are correct. If you are correct you get to keep the treat. 

Teacher Page

Standard: ELACC1l1A


1. Identify upper and lowercase letters (understanding).

2. Develop upper and lowercase letters by writing  your name ( creating)