Let's Create A PowToon


We have all tried to figure out a fun and creative way to design a presentation. Teachers have been looking for new creative ways to present their lessons that are fun to maintain the interests of students. Well, look no more!


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A PowToon is a great way to present a lesson. The animation is sure to capture your students' attention and have them asking for more.

The suggestion is to try a PowToon.

This exercise is one that allows you to free up, have fun while creating a lesson on a topic of your choice that you can present at the end of this process.

Let's get started!


In this WebQuest, you will have the opportunity to create a PowToon video to use in an upcoming class.


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Links have been provided in the Process section which follows and the links will show you how to create your PowToon.

In the end, you should be able to create and present your PowToon.

Your task is simple...

  1. Select a topic of your choice
  2. Be creative
  3. Have fun

The following steps should be followed in order to complete your creation of the PowToon. Using the two links below you can get started.







  Excellent (5) Satisfactory (3 - 4) Poor (1 - 2)

Create the PowToon


The topic was well presented with all the necessary information. The topic was satisfactorily presented with most of the necessary information. The topic was poorly presented with a limited amount of information.

State 5 ways a PowToon can be used in the classroom


All 5 ways were stated 3 - 4 ways were stated Only 1 - 2 ways were stated

Share your experience on using the PowToon


Full details were given Some experiences and details were given Hardly any experiences or details were given 



I hope that you have enjoyed working on your PowToon and that it is a tool that you will use going forward to make your classroom fun and engaging. 

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