Let's find out more about a monument


Hey pupils, 

this course  you are asked to prepare a trip to an English Speaking Country.

Some days ago, you decided to go to England. It's a beautiful country with lots of interesting places to visit and some important cities such as London, Manchester ot Liverpool. 

These days, you are working on what do you want to visit while you are travelling there.

                                LET'S START!   Resultado de imagen de ENGLAND  FLAG


For solving this webquest, you have to: 

Look for information about the monument you chose and then with your partner note down the most interesting one. 

Then, the class will be divided in two groups and each grup will be working different monuments or buildings. You will be responsible to cooperate with the whole group but you are responsible to do a good mural of your building adding information and QR codes. This murals will be post around your school. 


For solving this Webquest you should:

1) Divide the class in pairs

2) Choose the monument or interessting place you are going to work on. Share it with your mates writin them on the whiteboat in order not to repeat them.

3) Look for interesting and important information about your monument, building, street, square or important point to visit.  You can use internet resources, books, encyclopedias and other resources aviable at your school.

4) Share the information with your partner and choose the most interesting one. 


Now, you will be joined in half-class groups. 

5) You have to cooperate on the group, looking for the weak and strong points of each members, the most artistic ones could do the design of the mural while the better skilled ones in writing could do the texts. Do not forget to add QR codes with interesting web pages related to the building or monument. 

6) Present the mural project to your school mates

7) Look for places where to stick them

8) Stick murals

Enjoy them and invite mates to go and visit them!



What will be evaluated

1. If the information given is interesting and important
2. The presentation of the mural (design, good-looking, ...)
3. The text accuracy written on the mural
4. Cooperation
5. Pair work

This Webquest will help you knowing more about the different interesting points while has give us the opportunity to reinforce our online searching ability. 

Moreover, you can work in pairs and bid groups, so enjoy it but do not forget to learn!

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Done by Laia Melsio Joval