Let's go to the amusement park!


Have you already made any plans for the vacations? How about visiting an amusement park? There are more than 10 000 of them in the USA. It is a lot, but which one to choose?

This video will help you out:



Imagine you and your friends took a trip to one of the US amusement parks. Write a short story about it entitled " My trip to the amusement park".

Choose one park (not necessarily the one from the video) and find some information about it on the Internet. In your story you have to include:

1. The name of the park

2. In which US state it is situated

3. What is the theme of the park

4. What is this park popular for

5. Names of attractions 

There is no word limit

You can write it in Word or other word processors. You can also write it by hand.


Describe your trip to the amusement park using Past tense (what did you do there, which attractions you liked the most, how they made you feel, what you ate there, etc.) You can also make up a funny story that happened to you at the park.


Here are some adjectives do describe feelings and emotions:

confused                                                              excited

upset                                                                     surprised/ shocked

angry/ furious                                                        dizzy

hungry/ starving                                                    thirsty

sick/ ill                                                                   annoyed/ irritated

anxious/ worried/ stressed/ nervous                     scared/ frightened/ afraid

calm/ unstressed/ relaxed                                     bored/ uninterested

interested                                                              amused

sleepy/ tired/ exhausted                                        impatient

disappointed                                                         disgusted

relieved                                                                 impressed


and also adjectives to describe attractions and food:

fast                           smelly                       fantastic                    high                   thrilling

delicious                  amazing                    exciting                     dangerous         gigantic


(Use https://www.diki.pl/ or https://dictionary.cambridge.org/ to check their meaning)


Amusement Park Vocabulary


When you're finished, hand it over or send it to me via email:



Make sure to include: 

1. The name of the park

2. In which US state it is situated

3. What is the theme of the park

4. What is this park popular for

5. Names of attractions and themed areas

Evaluation rubric
Points 0 1 2
Content Student doesn't include the required information  Student includes some of the points Student includes all the necessary information
Organization The student does not organize sentences logically. There is no use of cohesive devices.  Student organizes sentences logically, but the use of cohesive devices is inaccurate or repetitive.  Student organizes sentences logically and uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately
Lexical resource Student uses very little range of vocabulary, which may be used repetitively. Errors in spelling distort the message Student uses a limited range of vocabulary, but there are no or few errors in spelling Student uses an adequate range of vocabulary with no errors in spelling
Grammatical range  Student cannot use sentence forms except in memorized phrases. Errors in grammar and punctuation distort the meaning Student uses a limited range of structures and makes some errors in grammar and punctuation, which do not distort the meaning Student uses a mix of simple and complex sentence forms. Has good control of grammar and punctuation  but may make few errors



Have you ever been to an amusement park in our country? Does it differ from the one you explored virtually today? 

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch an animated movie on our today's topic in Engish at home: 



Sources: there are official websites of amusement parks where you can find all the information and map. 


The list of the famous amusement parks in the USA: 



Teacher Page

Throughout this WebQuest students will explore one of the important parts of American culture. People of all ages love to visit amusement parks, which allow leaving daily life behind and whisk into a place of imagination and fun. Today's task also requires students to use their imagination and language skills.

Language skills: writing, listening, reading

Language focus:

- adjectives connected to feelings and emotions

- vocabulary connected to amusement parks

- Past tense

- action verbs


Age of the learners: 14 - 17 years old

Level: B1+