Let's review the movie!


The film is one of the major cultural activities of our life.

There are so many movies in the world, and they're made every year.

We go to the cinema, watch films, eat popcorn and sodas.

When the film ends, we leave the cinema, and we decide whether the film was good or bad.

It's a very common experience, but writing what you feel with your words would be unusual.

Now we're going to do it with your own opinion.


The goal of this task is watching the movie what you want, and write the review.

Not just review, you will watch some YouTube clips about how to review movies, and to show your understanding of the topic, you will


Write a 2~3 page essay, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 11pt, font. Includes the contents of clips like editing, acting, cinematography and others.



Step 1.

Watch YouTube clips of movie reviews, and try to think how to review  the films.


Step 2.

Watch the film you want to see and organize your thoughts on it.


Step 3. 

Write the essay about your opinions of the movie you saw.

  Criteria Points
Organization The essay must have the right organization. It must contain Introduction, body, and a conclusion. Also, each paragraph should have proper sentences like topic sentence, supporting sentences. 30
Content Does the essay include the contents of offered materials? You should analyze the elements of the movie by using them. 30
Validity Your opinion and the reason of it must connected tightly and have persuasive power. 20
Grammar You should use grammar, spelling, and writing rules correctly,  10
Plagiarism The essay should be written in your own words, so you should submit the examination paper that shows your essay is lower than 10 percent of plagiarism.(The website link is on the credits) 10
Total points   100



Through this activity, your competence to express your own opinion about particular topics, and practice the organization of the English essay will be increased.


1. Plagiarism detector

 - The website you can use when you check the percent of plagiarism of your essay.