Let's save the Earth


 Global warming is a serious issue around the world. It affects the environment, the economy, human and animal populations, etc. The changes will become more serious. We should focus on the problem and find out solutions to overcome this problem.


Students (middle school third grade, intermediate) are going to learn about Global warming. Especially, they will learn the causes and effects of global warming and find out ideas to overcome this problem. After these learning activities, they are going to make a poster in groups of two. The poster should include cause and effect or solutions using English words. After making a poster, the groups should upload the poster on the classroom's Naverband. Other groups have to vote for one of the best works.


Category 3 2 1
Participation actively participated  good participation no participation
content well arranged and included cause and effect of global warming or solutions (pick 1) good arranged or didn't include cause and effect of global warming or solutions (pick 1) didn't arrange  well and included the necessary factor
creativity high creativity, unique good not bad 





When students finish tasks, they understand the causes and effects of global warming. They can get positive solutions to global warming. This process reminds them of the importance of this issue. It can lead to positive actions in trying to overcome the problem.


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