Let's Talk About Fractions


Fractions are used in everyday life. When we have pieces of pizza, we used fractions. For example, when we take two pieces of an eight-piece pizza...how many do you have left? These are things that you will use. 


What foods can you use for fractions? 

1. Have your parent help you find five different foods that can be used to make various fractions. 

2. Have your parents help you take and print them. 

3. Put them into a folder. 

4. Explain to the class what you found. 

Hint: Use this website below with your parents! 



1. Watch this video about Fractions: 

2. Look at this website to find your five foods: 


3. If you need help, check out this video to help you take pictures! 

4. Choose your items and take pictures. 

5. Find a folder to nicely put your pictures in. 

6. Be ready to present. 


This is the way your assignment will be graded: 


1-3 Points

4-6 Points

7-9 Points

10 Points

5 Pictures

Only one picture given

Only two pictures given

Only three or four pictures given

All pictures given


There was no folder given

The pictures were put in something

The pictures were put in a folder, but not nicely.

The pictures were put in there neatly.


The child did not present.

The child presented, but did not present all.

The child presented most of their product.

The child presented all of their project.

Total Points












Thank you for successfully completing Let's Talk About Fractions WebQuest! I hope that you have learned a lot about fractions! 

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