Life cycle webquest


Life Cycle WebQuest 

1. What comes out of the egg when it hatches?

** Larve or caterpillars 

2. What is a caterpillars first meal?

** Its egg shell

3. How long does a frog grow to become a full adult?

** 2-4 years 

4. What are a group of frog eggs called?

** jelly mass 

5. What is the 3rd level of a humans life?


6. How long does it take the embryo to shape into a human body?

** 8 weeks

7. How long do the dolphin nurse their babies?

** 6 months to 2 years 

8. What to dolphins travel in and how many are in the groups?

** pods and up to 40

9. After they shed their skin, what do they turn into?


10. What is the red circle inside of an egg?

**the egg cell