Life science Web Quest: Gaseous Exchange


Subject: Life Science

Grade: 11

Topic: Gaseous Exchange

Teacher Name: Mr Paul  

Date; 28/05/2021

What is Gas Exchange? (with pictures)


Good day learners. Welcome to the Life Sciences web quest. Today we are going to look at Gaseous Exchange, specifically the gaseous exchange of humans. And you'll be assigned a task, in which you'll have to answer a question in essay form.  Plea follow this link  which explains the process of gaseous exchange and it will assist you in  this task


For this task, you will work in pairs on this assignment to ensure that I get input from both of you on your understanding of the topic we are covering. You are required to write a short essay for one and a half page; explain the importance of gaseous exchange and describe how the gas required during aerobic respiration enters the body and arrives at the muscles from the atmosphere. An introduction, body and conclusion are required for your essay.


-Firstly, you need to understand the structure of the essay.

-Structure of an essay: Introduction, body and conclusion.  

-Your introduction should consist of the definition, importance of gaseous exchange.

-When doing your body, make sure that you list all the steps of the breathing and gas exchange process and also in every step explain how the process takes place. Provide the required information in a correct and neat way.

-Finally, make a brief summary of what you've covered in your essay in your conclusion.



You will be graded based on the rubric (grading scale) below.


Focus and Organization



The  response has a clear and effective organization

-Use a variety of transitions

-Put ideas in a specific order.

-Effective introduction and conclusion

-Few sentence errors

-Effective and consistent use of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.






-Ideas have a general order or flow

-Has an introduction, body and conclusion

-has made connections with ideas

-Some sentence errors

 -Some errors in the use of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.








-Few transitions

-Little flow through ideas given

-Weak introduction and conclusion, if present

-Weak connections between ideas




- Many errors in the use of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.




-Few or no transitions

-Include random, unconnected ideas to the topic

Many errors that damage the massage









This task must be complete by all grade 11 learners and it is part of the subject marks. 

It also helps in testing learners' comprehension of this topic.

‘Remember, as always, I'm looking for quality writing, not just quantity!’

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Teacher: Mr Paul

Teachers and learners can access knowledge through this web quest that I developed.

The sources can be useful for teachers when they want to create their web quest, learners will get a clear idea from the sources about the task process. 

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