Life Sciences (Excretion in humans-The excretory organs)


It's imperative that waste products are excreted from our bodies for them to remain healthy and the organs to function properly. 

In today's lesson you will about excretion, it's function, the organs involved and the waste products they secret.

Which waste products are excreted from our bodies? 


Today you will be browsing through the internet and watching YouTube videos that explain excretion in humans.

Working in groups of 5, follow the give instructions and answers the questions on the handout. You will the the entire lesson to complete this task.

As you are trying to find information on the topic on Excretion in humans, remember to look at the excretory organs, their functions and the waste products they secret. 


Life Sciences (Excretion in humans) 

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Answer the following questions in your respective groups. 

1. Provide a name for the muscle that prevents urine from exiting the bladder until your ready to pee.                    (1)

2. Where are the kidneys located? (1)

3.What is the main function of excretion?                                           (1)

4. What is the major organ in the excretory system?                              (1)

5.What is the function of the bladder?


Total 5 marks


Your performance will be evaluated using the attached rubric and according to your participation in the group . Every member in the group has to answer at least 1 questions. All member of the group will get the same mark. Members who fail to participate or refuse to answer questions will not get a mark



1. Sphincter

2. At the back of the abdomen, under the rib cage

3. To remove metabolic waste from the body

4. Liver

5.To temporarily store urine


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