Living and Non-living Things


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Grade 4

Topic: Living and Non-Living Things

Our Earth, which was formed billions and trillions of years ago, has many things. For Example- The trees, the river,the mountains, rocks birds etc. these things are differentiated into two types

a) living things

b) non-living things

Everything that has life is called a living thing and everything that does not possess life is called a non-living thing (NCERT book solutions). 

In order for something to be classified as living, it must grow and develop, use energy,reproduce, be made of cells, respond to its environment and adapt.




watch the video below about living and non-living things. 

-Identify and differentiate between living and non-living things.

-State the characteristic of living and non-living things.








Animals can move from place to place. Some animals are green but they cannot make their own food.

Plants are green and can make their own food.


After watching the video you should:

-Create a table  with three columns in word document with the names of animals and plants (sort them into two groups)

- State the characteristics of  each plants and animals  sorted.


Click on the link below to learn how to create tables in Microsoft word







Take pictures and create a digital picture collage for presentation. Pay special attention to the naming of animals and plants.


Watch the video below to learn how to create a digital collage



This lesson helps us you to know that things can be grouped as living things or non-living things. Living things are alive. Non-living things are not alive.

Living things need:

-water and food

- Breath

-can move about by themselves

-Grow and produce young.

Humans, animals and plants are living things.


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notes: NCERT Books solution Retrieved from:

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Learners can do more research about living and non-living things and make notes. We'll discuss the findings at our next class.

Have fun learning!