Local Sea Creatures


You are a Marine Biologist working for the Nature Conservancy here in St. Croix.  The Nature Conservancy is getting ready to host a showcase for the community to educate them on the many marine species found in our local waters.  As a Marine Biologist you will choose your favorite local marine species and create a presentation for the community showcase.


As a marine biologist your job is to research one marine creature that lives in the Caribbean Sea and can be found around St. Croix.  You will keep a research journal that you will use to work with other Marine Biologists to create a presentation of your choosing for the community showcase.  The presentation must include:

-name of the species

-predators of the species

-diet of the species

-lifespan of the species

-health risks/diseases to the species

-how can the community help protect the species

-any additional information you choose


-Choose 1-2 other Marine Biologists who are interested in researching the same sea creature as you are

-Select the Marine species you want to research for the showcase.  Check with the head marine biologist (your teacher) to ensure no other research team plans to research the same species

-Use the sources listed below to research your marine animal.  Document your findings in your marine biologist journal.  Each Marine Biologist should keep their own research journal with their findings in a clear and organized way.

-Get together with your team of marine biologists to compare research notes and pull them together to create your presentation for the community showcase.  Some ideas for your presentation are a poster, powerpoint, or movie.

-Present your project to the class.  Submit your research journal notes to the Head Biologist for review.



American Museum of Natural History - Marine Biology: https://www.amnh.org/explore/ology/marine-biology

NatGeo Kids: https://www.amnh.org/explore/ology/marine-biology

Science Shorts: http://www.scienceshorts.com/sea-creatures-kids/

Ocean Animal Encyclopedia: https://oceana.org/marine-life

VI Marine Wonders: http://www.best-virgin-islands-guide.com/virgin-islands-sea-life.html



Marine Biology Student (10pts)

Marine Biology Intern (15pts)

Marine Biology Master (20pts)


Choose a local marine creature


Marine creature is not from local waters

Marine creature can be found in our local waters


Research a local marine creature

Little to no research was done

Some research was done

Thorough research was competed


Document research in an organized, clear research journal

Some of the necessary topics were researched and documented

Topics were researched and documented but not organized in a clear manner

All of the research topics were documented in a clear manner


Work with a team of marine biologists to create a presentation

Did not work well with other team members/did not contribute to group

Contributed to team presentation a little 

Contributed and worked well with other team members, actively helping to complete project


Present your project to the class 

Project did not include the necessary information

Project included required info but was not clear

Project was well thought out and included all the necessary info





CONGRATULATIONS! You and your team had a successful community showcase event!  You were able to educate others about local marine life, and what we can help protect them.  I hope you continue to research and explore our waters and beyond, learning and sharing with others what we can do to help protect our local marine species.