London calling!


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London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. It stands on the River Thames in south-east England. The City of London, its ancient core and financial centre, was founded by the Romans as Londinium.

And, you are going on a trip to London! In order to have a good time together, it is up to you to plan our trip now!

It is your decision which restaurants we will visit, in which hotel we will be staying and which sights we will visit. 

Are you ready for the adventure?



We will be staying 6 nights in London. Keep in mind that the overall buget per student is 800 €. (currency exchange!)
Always keep in touch with your colleagues to stay in budget.

You will be divided into three groups. Each group has another task to fulfill.

Group 1: Flight (or other transportation) and hotel
Collect information on different options of travelling from Klagenfurt to London and back on a budget. Additionally, get informed about the easiest and cheapest transportation in London. 
Also collect information about places accomodation: hotel, airbnb, hostel ...

Group 2: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Write down possible options for having dinner and lunch. Check back with your colleagues if breakfast is included in the accomodation. If not, also check for breakfast places. 

Group 3: Sightseeing
Do some research on sights that every tourist has to visit. You could also include sights and attractions that are not located in London. (Always keep the bugdet in mind!!!) You also have to consider transportation to the sights outside of London. Check back with your colleagues!


Each group has to hold a presentation about their findings at the end of the semester. 
Include either a PowerPoint or Prezi in your presentation. Pictures should also be included. 
Make your presentation as interesting as possible. 
Create a handout (1 to 2 pages) about your topic to give to your colleagues after all presentations were held.

Listen to your colleagues´ presentations as attentively as possible! (You will be asked to answer questions about the things covered in the presentations)


Start by doing some research with the links listed below:

Flights and transportation: 


Breakfast, lunch and dinner: 

Sights and Attractions: 

Feel free to use any source you want, also outside of this list!

Work together to get the best results possible!

Then start working on your presentations. Don´t forget spelling, grammar and pronunciation!

Have fun :)

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Your work will be evaluated on the following terms:

  • ability to work in group
  • ability to research
  • time management
  • presentation skills
  • pronunciation
  • vocabulary

Each student has to complete a word file in which he/she states what his/her exact role in the group was. This file will help your teacher to understand what work you did and decide which grade you will be getting. 


Here is a little quiz for you to complete after your colleagues´ presentations:

Well done! You are now ready to visit London!

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This work has been realized by Nina Michorl, student of University of Klagenfurt (Austria).

The website used for this project is

Teacher Page

By the end of 11th grade, high school students in Austria go on a school trip together with their teachers to improve their language skills.

This WebQuest was created to encourage students to plan their own trip to London. While using this webquest the students are divided into three groups, each group focusing on another specific topic about London. Students need to make decisions in groups and not alone. 

The students learn about transportation, accommodation, food, sights and tourist attractions in London. This webquest aims to encourage students to learn all these things on their own without much help from the teacher. 

This webquest is addressed to B1 and B2 level students.