A Look into the Deaf Community


This is a basic lesson using American Sign Language (ASL) that teaches students how to fingerspell their names and sign a word that best describes them. Students will also use the internet to research a famous Deaf person and create a video or presentation.

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This webquest is designed to give a glimpse into the Deaf community. Students will learn how to fingerspell their names, using the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet, learn a sign that best describes themselves, as well as create a video or presentation about a famous Deaf person.


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Step 1:

  1. Head over to http://www.lifeprint.com/.
  2. Learn how to fingerspell your name by looking at the website.

Step 2:

  1. Think of one word that describes you as a person.
  2. Go to the Lifeprint website and learn the sign for the word that describes you.
  3. If you cannot find your word in the dictionary on Lifeprint, try Signing Savvy or ASL Pro

Step 3:

  1. Now think of a famous Deaf person that you want to learn more about and that you have something in common with. Use Google to find out information about your famous person.
  2. Check out Youtubehttps://www.startasl.com/famous-deaf-people http://www.deafwebsites.com/people/deaf-athletes.htmlfor famous Deaf people. 
  3. Gather your ideas on a Google Document and write down facts about your person. Answer these questions about your person. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WaLjOYRz-lbgRR3AlkP8TbR4reE2YJbvEtqMiNcIaZE/edit

             1. What is the name of the famous Deaf person you chose?                                                                           2. What is the birthday and the date the person died that you chose?                                                             3. Where was the famous Deaf person born and where did they live?                                                           4. Was the person born deaf or did they become deaf later in life?                                                                 5. What was the Deaf person famous for and why?                                                                                         6. How do you relate to this person?

Once you have answered the questions above, you can add any other information that you feel is important for the reader to know about this famous Deaf person. Have fun and learn as much as you can!! 

Step 4:

  1. Create either a video or Google Slides about your famous Deaf person.

Rubric Template for Powerpoint Presentation – themoments, powerpoint presentation rubric template


Have fun! 


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