Lord of the Flies: CSI


A forensics team has landed on the island from the book LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding just following the book's ending. The team will formulate an hypothesis about the events on the island. Their goal is to produce a report which will be presented to an investigative committee. They will be prepared to present their hypothesis and present evidence which proves or disproves it.


- The discovery of the surviving boys from an English boarding school who crashed on a deserted island has rocked the news world.  The probability that some or all of the survivors may have been responsible for the deaths and / or injury of their peers is even more horrible. 

- Your team of investigators has been called in to examine the events on the island via the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  You will be assigned one subject who was present on the island during the events covered in the book.  You must formulate a hypothesis about your boy and determine its truth.




Your team of investigators will testify in front of a Government-appointed Committee of Inquiry.  It will be your team's responsibility to present evidence of the events which occured on the island including the circumstances surrounding one particular boy assigned to your team.  You will formulate an hypothesis involving the events on the island and seek to prove or disprove it using the assigned roles listed below.

         Ralph          Jack                  


Each team will investigate that boy's responsibility for the events on the island. Each team member will choose one of the following roles in the investigative process.  


   -  Crime Scene Investigator and Topographer:  Collect and record evidence that show your boy's guilt or innocence with the events on the island, and create a timeline for the events on the island that are significant for your boy. Create a map of the island and record locations of significant events that have to do with your boy.

   -  Psychologist: As a psychologist you will analyze the personality of the boy being studied with possible  recommendations for future treatment or punishment of those involved. Create a recreation (use of puppets, live action, or video) of ONE significant event on the island as it affected your subject. 

*If there is a group of three, the third student will be the topographer (map maker)



Spend one class period brainstorming the events and influences surrounding the boy assigned to your team.  Answer questions such as -


(1) What happened on the island which impacted your subject's life there?

(2) Who on the island affected the well-being and development of your subject?

(3) Where on the island did these events occur?

(4) What pieces of evidence might you be able to collect (recreate) as proof of your


(5) What was the personality development of your boy?  How did this

      affect his treatment / behavior on the island?

(6) What hypothesis could your team "prove" using evidence and analysis both from

      the book and from your creative understanding of the events on the island?













As you search through the book, record significant events which show your character's development on the island. Make sure to look at recommended websites so that you can prepare an informed and persuasive presentation for the Investigative Committee.




            - CSI Investigator: Collect 2-4 pieces of significant evidence showing your boy’s contribution to the island adventure.  These could include journal entries, interviews, footprint casts, weapons, tools, blood evidence, scans, x-rays, etc.  Though pictures of larger items can work, it is better to bring in objects or parts of objects as forensic "proof."  Each item should have a written description with reasons for why the evidence proves or disproves the hypothesis.


Example:  This empty soda can contains trace evidence of  a Cola beverage mixed with the DNA of Archie Cox.  This indicates that contrary to Archie's testimony, he has consumed cola beverages at least once in the past.



                             Websites:  Evidence Collection

                                              Crime Scene Investigation

                                              Crime and Clues




            - Psychologist:  Using research materials in the following links, analyze the personality and mental state of your assigned island boy.   Using cues from the book, describe the boy's behavior on the island and how it altered or affected others.  Create an historical profile for you boy that may or may not have been mentioned in the book which might help explain your subject's behavior. 


Suggestions:  Try taking the personality test and personality disorder tests yourself.  Then try it as the assigned character.  Does the result reflect what you know of your subject?


Look at Maslow's Hierarchy to analyze how your subject's behavior reflected his own needs as well as those of the groupl



Websites:  Kiersey Temperament Website

                  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

                  Personality Disorder Test




            - Topographer:  You must research the island and the location of at least 8 significant events on the island, then create a map which reflects these events.  Events included should be those occasions which involved the actions or treatment of your subject.  Some events are significant to all boys on the island including yours.  Other events may be more significant to just your boy.


The map may three-dimensional or flat as in a screen projection or poster.  It should be large enough for the entire "committee" to see  during your presentation. 



                    Websites:  Google Earth

                                     National Geographic

                                     Salt Maps   

                                     A Tour of the Island

                                     Online Map Creation





     Once your group members have finished researching and investigating, you will be ready to present your findings to the committee.  This should take the form of a presentation with the following:

(1) A time line will be presented to the committee.  It may take the form of a computer program, a power point presentation, an overhead transparency, a poster, or any other easily viewable presentation.  It should be somewhat specifice to the boy being studied.

(2)  Each item of "evidence" collected by the CSI investigator should have a short paragraph of description and explanation attached to it.  These will be presented to the committee with explanations of each item's significance to the boy being studied.  Items should be real whenever possible, or recreations that approximate what the actual item would be.

(3) A map indicating the events occuring on the island will be presented and explained to the committee.  It should be large enough and detailed enough to make this presentation effective. and should concentrate on the boy being studied.

(4) A summary of the boy's personality should be presented to the committee.  It should explain the boy's character traits both before he was stranded on the island and after with an explanation of how the boy's personality changed due to the island circumstances or how that alteration impacted the subsequent events on the island.  This may include a dramatic recreation of a significant even on the island either in VIDEO or Puppet show or dramatic in-class presentation.  All members may participat ein this.

(5) A hand out with the definitions of ten significant words used in the book should be distributed, to be followed by an explanation for where each word is located in the book, how it is used in context, and its significance to the subject being studied.                                


Criteria 4 3 2 1
Accuracy Assigned number of pieces of evidence is met or exceeded; evidence clearly supports the analysis of the assigned subject; presentation is creative; written description is clear; Adequate number of pieces of evidence lacks some elements of support for analysis of the subject; presentation could have been more creative or more clearly explained Limited number of evidence pieces; may not support the analysis being made; presentation is significantly lacking in creativity and / or explanation. Evidence is inadequate in number, support for analysis, and presentation.
Analysis Team effectively proves that their hypothesis is clearly true or false.  All aspects of the project work toward this goal. Most items in the project work to prove that the hypothesis is clearly true or false. Several aspects of the group project fall short of proving the hypothesis true or false. There is little or no effort to prove the team’s hypothesis true or false.
Presentation Effective presentation of evidence supports the team’s analysis of the subject;  clear evidence of teamwork; presentation is easily understood both visually and vocally. Presentation is somewhat uneven; evidence largely supports the analysis of the subject; visuals and / or vocal presentation could be more effective. Presentation is lacking; team participation is obviously very uneven; visuals are lacking; vocal presentation is hard to understand. Inadequate presentation; no evidence of teamwork; visuals seem hastily produced; vocal presentation is hard to understand.
Focus I remained focused the entire time we were working on the project. I remained focused the majority of the time we were working on the project.  I remained focused at times/I sometimes distracted others. I struggled to remain focused, and spent a lot of time distracting others. 




        Congratulations!  Your investigation has clarified the events which occurred on the Lord of the Flies island.  Without your committee's in-depth study, the fate of the boys stranded on the island might never have been adequately realized!


Feel free to use your expertise  investigating future events.  It would be a mistake for readers to take literature at face value.  There is always a need for exploration and questioning in order to bring imaginary characters into the real world.