Made in China


The project ''Made in China'' covers 4 lessons. You are going to work with the topic made in China where you will work on a presentation involving one of six topics: Child labour, the government, making of clothes, electronics, health and pollution. 

Firstly, we will give a presentation about China. In lesson two you are to practise glossary on quizlet and we play glossary bingo afterwards. in lesson three you are to prepare a presentation. lesson four: presenting. 




You are to make a poster about one of six topics: the government, pollution, health, making of clothes, electronics and child labour. 

You will be given relevant texts about the topics. You will be given 5 minutes per group to present. 


You are to work in groups of four

You must make a poster

You are to present in English


1. The students will be split into groups of four

2. They will be given a topic. 

3. They will be handed texts about, their chosen topics.

4. They shall then begin to make a poster about their subject.

5. They will at last present their poster in front of the class with their group.

6. Lastly they are to answer an evaluation of the project.

#   Beginning Developing What was good?             score          
Visual Appeal          





So now that you have presented about China and learned about globalization.

Do you have any idea where Denmark fits in that scale?

Can you name any other countries that are globalized?

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Globalization is becoming a huge part of our daily lives, that is why we believe it is an important thing to learn about.
The reason as to why we chose China as a main part of our focus, is that not only is their culture vastly different than ours, but they have risen during the last decades to become one the more prominent superpowers of the world.

We have used several models and theories to craft our didactic design.
Stephen Krashen's "Input hypothesis"
Merrill Swain's "Output hypothesis"
Chomsky's "Language acquisition device"
Thomas Ziehe's "Good otherness"
The SMTTE model