Magical realism


What is magical realism? 

- it is a style of literary writing which combines Fantastical elements alongside with realistic fiction. 

It is a very famous style of writing that started appearing in the early 20's century in Latin America, and got very famous to a point where authors and writers from all over the world started using it in their work. 

 and one of the very first bioneers in magical realism is Gabriel Garcia Marquez who wrote several literary work using magical realism. 


Magical realism is consider to be a literary movement against postcolonial writing, this is due to the fact that a lot of westernized people forgot there true heritage and identity from one generation to another and by using magical realism authors tried to deliver a message to to their people that ethnicity and culture matters.

Magical realism has several characteristics that distinguish it from other writing styles, and those characteristics are :

1- realistic setting. 

2- the narrator and characters are indifferent to the Fantastical elements. 

3- hybridity of setting. ( a realistic setting with a Fantastical twist Blended together) 

4- it includes metafiction. 

5- the readers are aware of Mystery. 

 putting those characteristics together we can say that a magical realistic story has a very realistic setting which is invaded by a very mysterious element, however characters are not questioning its existing but they are influenced by it and fascinated by its existence. 





Watch the following video for better understanding of magical realism elements.

After watching the video, use google search to find a magical realistic story. Read it, then in a well-written essay of no less than 200 words provide a summary analysis of the story. 

Your work must be submitted in the form of a word document sent to me by email @ ( 

  2 marks  1 Mark  0 Mark 
Cohesion and relevance Completely related to the topic  ambitious and inconsistent irrelevant 
Grammer  Grammatically accurate with no errors Decently accurate Poor grammar and wrong tenses 
Vocabulary  Meaningful words and correct choice of words  Words that serve the purpose of the essay  Wrong choice of words 
Form and structure  Formal essay structure  Acceptable structure  ( informal)  Wrong structure

Please note that the written part is graded out of 8, and there will be an oral part conducting during the class out of (12) 


We are going to conduct a class to discuss your answers and opinions the stories that you have read, students must provide a brief analysis what they have learned from the stories, finally students are going to evaluate each other's work based on critical thinking and how deep their understanding of the story is. 


1- short story