The making of Dried Boneless Rabbit Fish (danggit)


Many of us Filipino already know on how to out a fish. Some of entrepreneurs as we can see in the market retailing dried fish but not all dried fish removing their bones. As an individual going to the market the famous dried fish in Cebu is what we called a "boneless danggit" is the local Philippine name for a fish also known as rabbit fish or spine foot and the scientific name of danggit is "Siliganus Canaliculatus" and it is a popular Filipino food and a very well known product of Cebu. Rabbit fish is abundant in the shallow waters of many areas of the Philippines and a staple ingredient of the local traditional kitchen in the form of dried fish.

Do you know why it is called boneless? Have you already eaten our famous dried fish which we called a boneless? What are procedures so that we can make a boneless? So, before we answer these questions let's find out first what's the process in making this.



Danggit use for making boneless because boneless is a piece of fish which the bones are removed. So as we can see we sliced it twice to make the bones removed to the body of the fish. After that the fish without bones will place to the basin with water so that we can clean it and so on. And after that we place to another basin with clean water to add salt and ingredients of what ingredients you have. Lastly, we will be putting the fish down into a plastic wide screen and place it under the sun until it dries.


1. Slice the fish twice to remove the bone in the body.

2. Place the sliced fish into the basin with clean water to clean the fish in its tummy.

3. Then place the cleaned fish to another basin. It is estimated to be 3 gallons of water and add 1/4 of salt.

4.After 3-5 minutes, rinse the fish in the water in another basin.

5. Next, place the fish by putting it down into a plastic wide screen and place it under the sun.

6. Lastly, after 4-6 hours get the fish that was placed under the sun which it should already be dried.









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                               Therefore this activity was designed to test the safety of our work to make it boneless, the famous dried fish in cebu. in maintaining the outcomes would better therefore a common process to preserve fish in the philippines and provides local restaurants amd families with great source of protein so that, danggit use for boneless is one of the popular filipino food well fnown as the famous product of cebu.






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