Making Learning Fun


As the journey of engaging our students in online spaces continue, we are plagued with the task of developing the 21st century skills in our learners and catering to their varying learning styles. 

How do we use technology to make online learning fun while developing the 21st century skills and catering to the different learning styles?



After reviewing all sources provided, you will align various online tools to the different learning styles then explain how the tool will make learning fun for students. Give examples of how they will be included in online lessons.





  • When you click on this link, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the different 21st century skills then click on a skill to read the information.



  1. In pairs create a Powtoon to show the relationship between the learning styles and the 21st Century skills. Identify various web tools or applications that can be used to effectively develop and cater to the learning styles.

Individually, select any learning style, its respective tool and skill/skills.

  1.  Explain how it can be used to make learning fun and provide a mini-lesson for the selection (written, video or audio recording of the lesson).


  1.  As a learner which tool would you rather your tutor use to help you develop your critical thinking skills as a tactile  learner. Give reasons why this tool would be most desirous or effective for you the learner. Record your persuasive arguments using a podcast.


Activities will be marked using a six point scale


1-2     3-4     5-6     
Powtoon shows all leaning styles, clear explains the relationship with the 21st century skills and  appropriate web tools for effectively engaging students based on learning styles and intended skills.      

Mini-lesson -;engaging, use of tool and brings out 21st century skills, caters to the learning styles.

Tool and application selected will effectively develop critical thinking and the justification clearly shows how tactile learners will benefit from using the selected tool or application.      




Going back is not an option, online teaching is the wave that our learners will ride into their future. Students want to learn and are most interested in activities that cater to their style, interest and needs.  Making the experience fun and worthwhile is important if it is our desire as educators to ensure that they are competitively aligned to meet the requirements that await them.  After all we are educators and have been actively engaging students for years, it is now time to take that energy into a new space.

Certificate of participation


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