Let's Talk About Mammals! 

Learn about Mammals - Science for Kids

What do you know about mammals? What do you wonder about mammals? What did you learn about mammals?

Know Wonder Learn



After watching the video on mammals, go back to the chart on the introduction page to fill out the "learn" section. 




If you want to learn more about mammals, click these links below. You can add more detail to your KWL chart. There is also a game about making your own mammal you can play if you have extra time. 

National Geographic Kids (Learn more about Mammals):

Make your own mammal:




Students will not be evaluated on their learning, but instead the teacher will write down notes and observe the knowledge obtained by students. The teacher will use these notes to track progress and use this progress to plan for future lessons. 


Let's Talk About It

We will gather as a class to discuss our findings. What did you learn? What do you want to know more about? What did you find interesting? 

Teacher Page

Using notes on students, future lessons will be planned based off of findings.