THE MAN! The Life and Times of William Shakespeare!


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William Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest writer that has EVER lived. This famous British playwright has transcended time and his works continue to be read by people all over the world. This includes many students like your self in schools across the world.

It is vital we understand Shakespeare's genius and past to truly understand this influence he has had. Not only is his influence important, but the world in which he lived was simply interesting and different. By looking at his life and times we can see the impact it had on his genius as the greatest writer of all time.


Your task is to split the tasks below among your group and then answer all the questions using the links provided. Be sure your group answer all parts of the question. Please remember to write complete sentences. You are responsible for organizing your information into something that can be turned in. Make sure you number your answer sheet appropriately, and give headers.


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Split the tasks up between your group.


About Shakespeare
Go to this website  and answer the following questions.

  1. William Shakespeare was born in what year?
  2. What date do we recognize as his birthday?
  3. What was important about Stratford-upon-Avon in the 16th century?
  4. Why might Shakespeare have been forced to leave his home town?
  5. Find the acting companies Shakespeare was associated with in the early days. Name one.
  6. Was Shakespeare famous during his day? If so, give examples.
  7. What day and year did Shakespeare die? Why is this an interesting date? How old was Shakespeare when he died?

About Language
Go to this website  and continue.

  1. Pick a famous phrase from today and translate it into Old English.
  2. Go to this website to get the information you need to translate this conversation. Put your translation in column two. Keep the phrases just about the same, but use Elizabethan words where you can. So, in other words, you rewrite the entire phrase but replace as many words as you can with Elizabethan English.

Person A

Hello. (A sneezes) Excuse me.


Person B




Thank you.



Say, do you know where the closest bathroom is?



Certainly. It's down the street in the Kings Tavern.



Thanks. Goodbye.




About The Globe Theatre is the link for questions 1 and 2. is the link for questions 3 and 4. is for 5 and 6.

  1. Name the three theatres which competed with The Globe.
  2. How did the original Globe burn down in 1613?
  3. The Globe Theater was rebuilt in 1997, and renamed “Shakespeare’s Globe.” Click on the pictures of “outside” and tell me what you think here.
  4. Click on the pictures of “inside” Shakespeare’s Globe and tell me what you think here.
  5. During a performance of Henry V, someone refers to the original Globe as a “wooden ____.”
  6. Though the wood and roofing materials are the same in the 1997 Globe, name three things that have changed (they are listed—don’t just guess).

Take a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre

  1. What are 3 other interesting facts about The Globe Theater people should know?

Shakespearean Insults

  1. Go to the  and create your own insult.
    • Start with the word "Thou."
    • Next, take a phrase/word from the first column to begin your insult
    • Continue by adding something from the second column
    • Finish it up royally with something from the third column.
  2. Type your created Shakespearean insult, and use google or another search engine to translate it: what did it mean?

(Thou + choice from column 1 + choice from column 2 + choice from column 3 = your custom made insult)

Or try….


Shakespeare’s Influence: Use GOOGLE to answer these questions.

    1. How many words and phrases did Shakespeare invent?
    2. Give an example of at least 4 words and 4 phrases we have gotten from Shakespeare.
    3. Name 3 writers who were influenced by Shakespeare.
    4. Provide 5 examples from modern pop culture that are influenced by Shakespeare.
    5. What conspiracy theories surround the identity of William Shakespeare?

Hopefully, you have now learned a few things about William Shakespeare, considered to be the GREATEST writer of all time.


It is important to understand an author's background and the society they lived in to perhaps understand the literature they wrote.

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