Manifest Destiny


Howdy! Come on go with us, the wagon train is loadin’ up. We’re goin’ on a quest and it’s takin’ us west. You’ve heard about it…the land of opportunity. That’s where there’s loads of land, fresh air, and clean water, and you might even strike it rich! 



Your search for information will lead you to the answers to the questions about John Gast's painting of American Progress.

Complete the questions in order (you do not have to write the question) and use the Internet links under the question(s) to guide you in answering that particular question set.



John Gast, American Progress, 1872, Manifest Destiny Art


1.  What artist painted the picture and what year was it painted?

Use the painting to answer these questions

2.  Who is Destiny?

3.  In what direction are the pioneers traveling?

4.  Why are the Native Americans fleeing?

5.  How is transportation represented?

6.  How is communication represented?


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7.  What is John Gast's painting an example of?

8.  How is the left side of the painting different from the right side?

9.  What's the main argument of the painting?


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10.  What is "Manifest Destiny"?

11.  What does the schoolbook represent?

12.  What happens to the American Indians?