Manifest Destiny


We’re going on a quest, and it’s taking us west. Known as the land of opportunity. That’s where there’s loads of land, fresh air, and clean water, and you might even strike it rich!


Watch this short video for an introduction into the settlement of the West. 


Think, pair, share: 

What was the major movement of new settlers West called? 


What did this mean to settlers? 




This picture was mentioned in the video above and is commonly discussed when learning about "Manifest Destiny". 


Look at it for a few minutes, then discuss with your group some things that you notice about the picture and what you think the picture represents. 

Image result for picture of manifest destiny"


What are some other aspects that you think may have affected movement to the West? What do you think made it easier, what do you think made it harder? 

Do you think that today, the West is settled more than other regions of the United States? Why or why not?